“The Old Schools” Gone But Not Forgotten

This is a partial list of South Dakota high schools and their mascots that have closed or consolidated. Their basketball traditions should not be forgotten. We wish to acknowledge these schools and their players, coaches and supporters. Is your old school on this list? Do you know a school that should be included? Let us know and leave a comment:

——- A ——-

Agar Hi-Pointers

Akaska Raiders

Alexandria Beavers

Alpena Wildcats

Amherst Wildcats

Andover Gorillas

Ardmore Rattlers

Argonne Arrows

Artesian Rams

Ashton Cardinals

Astoria Comets

Athol Arrows

——- B ——-

Bancroft Eagles

Barnard Bears

Bath Warriors

Belvidere Comets

Big Stone City Lions

Blunt Monarchs

Bonesteel Tigers

Bonilla Eagles

Bradley Orioles/Bombers

Brandt Bulldogs

Brentford Braves

Bridgewater Wildcats

Bristol Pirates

Bruce Bees

Bryant Scotties

Buffalo Gap Buffaloes

Burbank Owls

Burke Bulldogs

——- C ——-

Camp Crook Woolies

Canning Coyotes

Canova Eagles

Canton Augustana Academy Knights

Carthage Eagles

Cavour Cougars

Chancellor Wildcats

Chester Maroons

Cheyenne Agency Braves

Claire City Comets

Claremont Honkers

Clark Comets

Colman Wildcats

Colton Panthers

Conde Spartans

Corona Midgets

Corsica Comets

Cottonwood Coyotes

Columbia Comets

Cresbard Comets

——- D ——-

Dallas Coyotes

Dante Gophers

Davis Bulldogs

Deadwood Bears

Delmont Wildcats

Doland Wheelers

Draper Bulldogs

——- E ——-

Eagle Butte Warriors

East Lyman Broncos

Egan Bluejays

Elk Point Pointers

Elkton St. Mary’s Saints

Emery Eagles

Erwin Arrows

——- F ——-

Fairburn Cubs

Fairfax Broncs

Farmer Orioles

Fedora Tigers

Ferney Pheasants

Florence Flyers

Forestburg Buccaneers

Frankfort Falcons

Franklin Flyers

Frederick Vikings

Ft. Pierre Buffaloes

Ft. Thompson Panthers

Fulton Pirates

——- G ——-

Gann Valley Buffaloes

Garden City Dragons

Gary Tigers

Gayville Orioles

Geddes Rams

Glenham Eagles

Goodwin Eagles

——- H ——-

Harrold Cardinals

Hartford Pirates

Hayti Redbirds

Hazel Mustangs

Hecla Rockets

Henry Owls

Hetland Broncos

Hitchcock Bluejays

Holabird Cardinals

Hosmer Tigers

Howard St. Agatha Agates

Hudson Trojans

Humboldt Eagles

Hurley Bulldogs

——- I ——-

Interior Cubs

Irene Cardinals

Isabel Wildcats

——- J ——-

Java Panthers

Jefferson Blackhawks

——- K ——-

Kadoka Kougars

Kennebec Kanaries

Keystone Dynamiters

Kidder Tigers

Kimball Kiotes

——- L ——-

Lake Andes Eagles

Lake City Golden Eagles

Lake Norden Bluejays

Lane Trojans

Lead St. Patrick’s Fighting Irish

Lebanon Bulldogs

Leola Pirates

Lesterville Tigers

Letcher Tigers

Lily Wildcats

Logan Arrows

Loyalton Lions

Lyons Lions

——- M ——-

Madison Eastern Yellowjackets

Madison General Beadle Bluejays

Madison St. Thomas Shamrocks

Martin Warriors

Marty Mission Braves

Meckling Panthers

Melette Terriers

Midland Vikings

Mission Hill Eagles

Mitchell Notre Dame Comets

Monroe Wooden Shoed Canaries

Montrose Irish

Moody County Comets

Mount Vernon Mustangs

——- N ——-

New Effington Tigers

Nisland Beattoppers (later Mustangs)

Northville Panthers

Northwestern Lutheran Academy Wildcats

——- O ——-

Oacoma Hawks

Oglala Indians

Okaton Bulldogs

Oldham Dragons

Olivet Eagles

Onaka Pirates

Onida Warriors

Orient Hawks

Orland Eagles

——- P ——-

Peever Panthers

Pickstown Engineers

Piedmont Hawks

Pierpont Panthers

Pine Ridge Holy Rosary Crusaders

Plankinton Pirates

Plano Panthers

Pollock Bulldogs

Polo Bears

Presho Wolves

Provo Rattlers

Pukwana Wildcats

——- Q ——-

Quinn Quintuplets

——- R ——-

Ramona Rockets

Rapid City Cathedral Gaels

Rapid City St. Martin’s Kenmars

Ravinia Bears

Raymond Redwings

Ree Heights Warriors

Reliance Longhorns

Rockham Trojans

Roscoe Hornets

Roslyn Vikings

Rutland Ramblers

——- S ——-

Salem Cubs

Salem St. Mary’s Falcons

Seneca Bluejays

Sherman Tigers

Sinai Rebels

Sioux Falls Cathedral Irish

Spencer Cardinals

South Dakota School for the Deaf Pheasants

South Dakota State Training School Lincoln Loggers

South Shore Comets

Springfield Trojans

Springfield St. Mary’s Saints

Stephan Mission Chieftains

Stickney Raiders

St. Francis Mission Scarlet Warriors

St. Lawrence Wolves

St. Onge Jackrabbits

Strandburg Tigers

Stratford Vikings

Sturgis St. Martin’s Ravens

Summit Eagles

——- T ——-

Tabor Cardinals

Thomas Tigers

Thorpe Wolves

Trent Warriors

Toronto Vikings

Tripp Wildcats

Tulare Chieftains

Turton Frogs

Tyndall Panthers

——- V ——-

Vale Beetdiggers

Valley Springs Wolverines

Veblen Cardinals

Vermillion University High Cubs

Viborg Vikings

Vienna Black Panthers

Virgil Pirates

Vivian Bearcats

Volga Cossacks

Volin Bluejays

——- W ——-

Wakonda Warriors

Wallace Bulldogs

Ward Academy Lodmeils

Wasta Flyers

Waubay Dragons

Waverly Woodchucks

Wentworth Warriors

Wessington Warriors

Wessington Springs Academy Hornets

West Lyman Raiders

White Wildcats

White Lake Indians (later Wolverines)

Winfred Warriors

Willow Lake Pirates

Witten Wildcats

Wolsey Cardinals

Wood Bulldogs

Worthing Eagles

——- Y ——-

Yale Trojans

Comments (43)

  • Gene. W. Smith


    This is an impressive list, it is so hard to believe that so many schools have closed. It is the sign of the times I guess. Looking over the list, can you captalize Tigers on the Thomas name? The new building looks beautiful, can’t wait for the dedication. Smitty


  • Merri Stapp


    Have one more, the Vale Beetdiggers 🙂 Have a great day….thanks for doing this….so good


  • Jon Anderson


    I really enjoy reading your website and the updated posts and comments that you make on it. I sure recognize a lot of those schools who no longer exist….too bad but that is part of why we no longer travel in covered wagons and have party lines on our phones!
    Keep up the good work that you do.


  • Al Lawrence


    You have omitted the Yale Trojans, and the team of 1952


  • Louis Geditz


    Hard not to feel a bit sad when seeing all those closed schools. There is one small edit that should be made. The “Onaha” Pirates, should actually be Onaka.


  • Mike Oakland


    A Witten native told me it was the Witten Wildcats. He also said – Hamill Pirates, Ideal Tigers and Carter Coyotes


  • Shannon Begeman


    Isabel Wildcats are missing from the list. 3rd place finish in 1990 State B tourney, 7th place in 1997 and home of 1990 Mr Basketball Brent Lindskov


  • Curt Nettinga


    I see that the Wessington Warriors are on the list. If you have included them – the Wolsey Cardinals must be included as well. I graduated Wolsey High School and at that time, Wessington was our biggest rival. Now, however, the schools are combined and the Warbirds are carrying on the proud tradition of both schools.


  • Rich Krull


    Spencer Cardinals


  • Doug Tipton


    Along 281 highway, between Wolsey Cardinals and Tulare Chieftains, was Bonilla Eagles. Nice Job.


  • Irene Whitmyre


    My husband was supt. of schools at Logan Consolidated School 1945-48. The buildings are no longer standing, but there is a sign on a fence post by the side of the road. I have pictures! Jerry Lohr, who now has a winery in California ….. was the son of a schoolboard member at that time. Other names I recall were Bonnie Logan, Beverly Foiles, the Mehlbergs and the Hurlberts. My husband was the coach, the janitor, and taught classes. I cannot remember the name of the dear lady who taught English.


  • Steven Bruce


    Amherst is the Wildcats, not the Eagles. Thanks!


  • Steven Bruce


    Ardmore Rattlers were a West River team not mentioned yet.


  • Terry TLG Gilbertson


    Wow! Great list. I did not recognize some of the towns.


  • Jorge Toro


    Great times with the Agar Hi-Pointers.


  • Luke Bamberg


    Corsica Comets. Stickney Raiders.


  • Jim Chilson


    Great list. Stirs up a lot of memories. Many schools on that list are still open but in consolidated form or in school coops. The towns are still represented but under different names. One of the newer coops is Clark-Willow Lake. Their new name is the Tornadoes but Clark used to be the Comets. I see you have the Willow Lake Pirates but not the Clark Comets. Great job on the list.


  • Jason Wenzel


    Plankinton Pirates; Mount Vernon Mustangs; Kimball Kiotes; White Lake Wolverines (They were something before that … Indians?); East Lyman ?; West Lyman ?; Alpena/Woonsocket Wildmen (Football only); Alpena/Wessington Springs Wild Spartans; Artesian/Letcher Rebels became Sanborn Central Rebels; Doland/Conde Chargers.


  • Kelly Tobin


    We played the Lincoln Loggers back in the 60’s … they were from the State Training School near Plankinton.


  • Chris Miller


    They were the White Lake Indians when I played in the late 60’s and early 70’s.


  • Richard Coleman


    It is the Ft. Thompson Panthers not Buffaloes, that was Gann Valley. Also don’t forget the Stephan Chieftains.


  • Lee Thomas


    Alexandria Beavers. They are now the Hanson Beavers having consolidated with Farmer and Fulton in 1968.


  • Monica Greenfield


    Chester High School Maroons (1945) marked the school’s first time in history they entered the State B tourney.


  • Tim Halligan


    Hi, My grandmother from Bryant, South Dakota, played for the Scotties. I have been told they actually rode a train to their games. Edna Schanck Halligan was her name. Anybody know of my grandmother scoring a great deal of points in a game? This would of been in the 1920s. She broke our neighbors window out while hitting my pitch in about 1967. She was very athletic. Thanks for your nice work. History Counts!


  • George Strandell


    WHO, WHO, WHO are we??
    HENRY OWLS!!!!


  • Mabel A. Eagle Hunter


    1959 State B Champions, Cheyenne River Braves, should be added and recognized at the annual banquet.


  • Kim Halverson


    If I remember correctly East Lyman’s mascot was Broncs, not Broncos.


  • Mark Hanson


    Volga Cossacks?


  • Troy Larson


    Being a graduate of neighboring Groton, I’ve long been told it was the Ferney Pheasants.


  • Mike Hutchinson


    My father (now 86) played high school basketball for White River (1949-51). He has many times laughed and reminisced about playing basketball in Witten where there was a functioning wood burning stove in THE MIDDLE of the basketball court. Anyone out there have memories, or possibly photographs of this?


  • Tom Travis


    Anyone know who sourced the Ward Academy mascot as the Lodmeils? I have not been able to find anyone in the local area that has any knowledge of what or who the Lodmeils were. I was told by locals that they had a very good football team. Thanks for any information.


  • Jim Thorson


    My father Albert Thorson played basketball at Bradley, SD, and the original mascot was the Bradley Orioles and then after World War II, I believe the mascot was changed to the Bradley Bombers. Harvey Johnston, longtime official and owner of Harve’s Sports Shop in Mitchell, SD, was also a Bradley Oriole.


  • Grant Fischer


    Summit Eagles. The school is still open, but the Eagles mascot is no longer used for sports. Most sports are with Waubay as the Waubay/Summit Mustangs, and with Wilmot and Waubay for football as the Dakota Hills Grizzlies.


  • Sam Holderby


    Lake Andes Eagles
    In the late 60’s Lake Andes consolidated with Pickstown and Ravinia and was known then as Andes Central Eagles.


  • Larry Mayes


    My mother graduated from Agar in 1942, and my brother and I graduated from Onida in ‘62 … one of the greatest rivalries in SD history, Agar vs Onida … mom was really conflicted about who to root for!


  • Dale Schuett


    Howdy ….. Where is Newell? Interior?


  • Eunice Gillam


    I was a cheerleader at Carthage in 51/52. My husband was a standout player for Argonne. Yes, it’s been interesting!


  • John G. Mogen


    Am originally from Waubay, and played varsity for the Dragons. There is a team listed as Waubay St. Joseph’s Pirates. Wonder if that should be from Chamberlain. No such school existed in Waubay.


  • Mary Jo Koenig


    This really is an impressive list – thank you to those who’ve compiled it! While “Broncos” I’d the more noted pick of names these days, my hometown team’s mascot was The Fairfax Broncs. The girls’ teams were The Fairfax Fillies.


  • Gene Hetland


    I agree. I’m 71, and so I’m old enough to remember many of the old schools on this list. Whether the students got a good education varied, I guess, with the schools. But no one can take away the memories!


  • Scott Lockwood


    Camp Crook “Woolies”. The high school closed in 1944. Fairburn “Cubs.” The high school also closed in 1944. This is a great list!


  • Doyle Walker


    I am 91, soon to be 92 end of this month. I played football and basketball at Artesian High School. Mascot was Rams and my football coach was Dean Maylem. Anyone know if there are photos of the team? Seems like I played around the year 1941-42. I got a scholarship to play football at General Beadle College. Would welcome response to this posting.


  • Jim Trett


    I went through old schools and found 19 of them that we played when I was coaching at Northwestern that are no more.


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