Steve Hammer

Pierpont ‘Panthers’ – 1969


Steve Hammer grew up in Pierpont and played high school basketball from 1965-1969. He learned, during his junior and senior seasons, about trust, courage, commitment, accountability and team above self from Harold “Buzz” Hortness, Jr. who coached with a strong vision, and a measure of success followed. It was during that time that Steve became known as one of the Hammer brothers and he is grateful for his siblings Mike, Luan, David and Carolynn, parents Stanton and Avis and stepfather Olynn Fossum.

Bob Swanhorst recruited him to play basketball at Huron College and that providential association provided the opportunity of a lifetime to see a team and a program come together over a few years. Becoming a committed Christian changed the direction of Steve’s life and allowed him to meet his wife, Beth Bridge. They have together served churches in MN, PA and IL. Their family now includes Dr. Dan, Alana and Isaac Hammer who serve a church in Seattle, WA and entrepreneurs Joe and Diane Hammer who have a transportation business in Naples, FL. Steve and Beth currently reside in Chaska, MN

Steve will be the first player from Pierpont High School inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Congratulations on your selection. Your character and lifestyle should be an example for all of us.


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  • Willy Yelkin


    It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. I played basketball for Kidder High School in the same time frame. We played grade school ball against the Hammer boys and all the way through High School. I graduated in 1968. We had some great games against Peirpont. They were in the same boat as Kidder with a limited roster but we all played hard. The Lake Region Conference was a lot of fun and I look back at that and think how lucky I was to be part of it. Congratulations.
    Willy Yelkin of the Kidder Tigers


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