Renae Sallquist

Renae Sallquist youngBROOKINGS ‘BOBCATS’ – 1986

Renae began her basketball career shooting baskets in the driveway with her father, the late Don Sallquist, on their family farm near Volga, SD. She attended Sioux Valley schools thru the 9th grade beginning organized basketball on weekends during 5th grade. She was nearly 6′ fall tall by the beginning of her 8th grade year and started for the Sioux Valley varsity team as a 9th grader.

By her sophomore year, she had transferred to Brookings High School where she joined a young and talented team that was developing under Coach Jim Holwerda. The Brookings Bobcats went on to win the State A tourney in 1984 and the AA title in 1985. Renae was now 6-2″ and started as a forward for the Brookings Bobcats. During this two year period the Bobcats were undefeated. Renae was selected to the All State Team in 1985 and the All-Tournament team in 1984. In 1985, the Bobcats were ranked number three in the Nation, and Renae was named to the National High School All-America Team. Renae was dedicated to the game of basketball, she and her teammates were determined to be successful on the basketball court. They worked together as a team during the summer months. Renae had the size to play inside and dominate the boards.

After graduation, Renae went on to play college basketball at Vanderbilt University. It’s because of her talents on and off the basketball court that Renae Sallquist has been inducted into the South Dakota High School Basketball Hall of Fame. Congratulations to you, Renae, your teammates, Coach Holwerda, your school and the Brookings community, we are proud of you and all your hard work to become one of the best.

Renae now lives with her family in Sioux Falls, SD and works in the insurance business.

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