Kent Hyde

Kent HydeONIDA ‘WARRIORS’ – 1954

A 1954 Onida High graduate and a member of the 1953 B championship team, Kent went on to set national scoring records as a senior by averaging 50.4 points per game over 28 games.

Kent then attended South Dakota State (SDS), where in his sophomore year they won the NCC Championship. And in his junior year, they also tied for the championship with the University of South Dakota.Due to a ruptured disc in his back, Ken’s playing time was limited to two years plus a few games in his senior season. His career statistics at SDS included averaging 17.4 points and 11.2 rebounds per game.

After graduating from SDS, Kent and his wife Betty moved to Huron, SD where he went into the Life Insurance business. Next stop on the Hyde tour was Storm lake, Iowa, where Kent developed his passion for golf. And in 1967, he won the Storm Lake Club Championship. For the last 52 years, Kent has been active in the Life Underwriters, holding various offices, including President in 1982.

In 1972, a shotgun accident shortened and crippled his left arm, leaving it 4 inches shorter. In 1982, he took up bike riding and rode his bike back to Onida to visit his parents. His longest bike trip was over 1300 miles and included the state of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota.

In July, 2004, some of his old SDS teammates and rivals talked him into playing in the Senior Olympics. That year, his team won the silver medal.

Kent and Betty reside in Little Rock, Arkansas. And all of the children (3), grandchildren (5) and great grandchildren (4) live in Arkansas. Kent still plays golf, finds time to write a few insurance policies and helps with babysitting his great grandchildren.

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